Skyler McGee currently lives and works in Jacksonville, IL. She is represented by Space Gallery in Denver, CO. For information about her work, including sales and works not featured, email skylermcgee[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Artist Statement

Skyler McGee is an indirect storyteller. She is ever combining images from her world: plants and animals, buttons and bones, maps and teacups, her children’s drawings. These disparate elements create new relationships and form a disjointed narrative, both familiar and decontextualized. Painterly expression and detailed drawings are placed next to abstract shapes, fields of color, and layered imagery. These images have roots in ecology, fashion, cartography, and anthropology. In other words, they are human: depicting diverse relationships with our earth, each other, our personal and collective history. Her work provides a visual space to explore the experienced complexity of place, its beauty and difficulty. It celebrates and excavates the stories, creatures, locations, homes, and objects through which we create meaning.